Question: Will my insurance company pay for my Ambulette transport?
Answer: In some cases insurance companies will pay for all or some of your transport. However, American Medical Transport cannot attempt to bill the insurance company directly. Private pay customers must first pay out of pocket and then work with your insurance company toward your reimbursement benefit. We will gladly mail you a paid invoice or another form of proof of transport to aid you in getting reimbursed. The best thing to do in these cases is to call your insurance company and give them all the details of the trip as to why you needed an Ambulette and let them make the final determination.

Question: Can an Aid or family member ride with a customer in the Ambulette?
Answer: Absolutely. We encourage but don't require our customers to travel with a trusted Aid or family member for safety and comfort reasons.

Question: Can a customer be transported with oxygen?
Answer: Yes. As long as an American Medical Transport employee does not have to administer the oxygen and the oxygen tank is secured to the wheelchair.

Question: My house or apartment has stairs/steps inside/ and or outside, can you still transport me?
Answer: No problem. As long as we know the weight of the customer and how many stairs or steps we will be faced with before we arrive, we can handle stairs and steps. These types of trips may require two men and additional costs but, would not be a problem for us.

Question: What types of wheelchairs can I use in your Ambulettes?
Answer: We can take any type of wheelchair as long as it fits on our hydraulic lifts and the driver deems it safe for travel. If you have a wheel chair that is not of standard type, please let our representative know when you are scheduling the trip and they will advise you as to what to do.

Question: Does your company provide equipment such as wheelchairs or any other safety equipment to your customers?
Answer: Each Ambulette is accompanied with a wheelchair that is equipped with elevated leg rests. They also have the most updated tie down straps and seat belts to secure each passenger.

(Please note: the equipment must be taken by the driver prior to each drop off.)

Question: Are there any passengers we cannot transport?
Answer: Unfortunately, we can only transport non emergency customers that are ambulatory or are in wheel chairs. Customers in need of medical assistance while riding or who require stretcher service cannot be transported by us. An Ambulance is the proper form of transportation in those cases which we do not provide.

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